A complete business communications service

Horizon is a complete hosted communications service that provides businesses with an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal. Horizon takes the burden away from your IT team.

Local administrators manage and configure the system according to your organisation’s needs. Employees can then manage their calls easily and effectively, thereby maximising individual productivity.

Free 01, 02 and 03 calls from your Horizon phone

Seamless integration of multiple locations and free calls between all sites

Cloud-based platform.  Make and take calls from any location (even on your mobile!).

We will work closely with you to deliver your Hosted solution within your own timeframes

Scalable, flexible, on-demand service with no hidden costs

No more expensive upgrades or costly maintenance contracts

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Other Benefits

Horizon Call Centre

Horizon Call Centre is a cloud-based service with an extensive range of inbound call centre capabilities that can be configured and managed via and easy-to-use web portal.

Call Queuing

Horizon Call Queue helps you present a professional image to your customers by managing incoming calls effectively and delivering them to groups, as soon as users become available.

Horizon Integrator

Unleash even more of Horizon’s capabilities across your desktop with Horizon Integrator. Horizon integrator is a powerful piece of software that gives you control of your Horizon service from your desktop without having to log in to your Horizon Portal. It also provides interaction with key programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Skype for Business. Our CRM Integrator can be added to enable easy integration with your CRM program, in addition to the full set of features Horizon Integrator offers.

Receptionist Console

Manage incoming calls and call routing to single or multiple sites via a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Soft Client

Bring the power of Horizon to your Windows desktop, laptop, Android or iOS device and access a range of features to ensure your colleagues and customers are always in contact

Horizon Collaborate

Bolt-on for users who  work remotely, includes PC desktop softphone by simply adding a headset, and a mobile App for Android and IOS , plus …

  • Presence status to check availability of colleagues
  • Instant Messenger tool  to get an immediate response from a colleagues
  • Video Conferencing feature including screen sharing
  • Directly control your phone service to implement Call Forwarding, Do Not Disturb or other call features.