The aim for businesses today is to provide their customers a cost effective solution with top class service. Maintaining cost effectiveness means constantly reviewing operating costs, and telecoms is a primary example. Telecoms are a critical business tool for all organisations, but they are rapidly evolving with new technologies, creating the opportunity for businesses to become more efficient.

Trio Telecom have developed the “Telecoms Health Check” – a 3 step audit that helps a business match its needs with the services it employs, to become more customer friendly, more cost effective, and become streamlined.


Step 1 – Lines, Services & Equipment

First we will review what your business is currently employing – how many lines, and what type. Are they all still in use ? Do they still meet the needs of the job for which they were intended, or has the job evolved without changing the tools ? Are there unwanted lines and services which could save you money. What equipment do you have, and what maintenance agreements are in place.

Step 2 – Bill Audit

Next we conduct a comprehensive billing analysis, to review your business telephone service bills for fixed lines, mobiles and telephone services and call costs. Which telephony services are you paying for – call forwarding, call recording, hold music – what service agreements do you have in place ? By reviewing your spend in conjunction with the Step 1 we can make sure that you are not over-paying for your telecoms, or employing services no longer in use.

Step 3 – Business Needs Review

Finally we aim to understand YOUR business needs – what are your business goals, what strategies are you planning to achieve your goals. Are there new marketing initiatives, or a need for a resilience solution. What are your plans for the future, what changes do you anticipate?

With the Health Check Review complete, Trio Telecom will provide you a comprehensive audit and propose a solution to need the needs of your business for today and for the future.

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