If a customer calls your office and leaves a voicemail, how long before you pick it up? Nobody likes to be kept waiting and the faster you respond to customers, the better.

One benefit of using a Hosted Voice, cloud based phone system such as Horizon, is the “Voicemail 2 Email” capability.

When a customer leaves a voicemail message on your business number, your phone might flash to say a message has been left. However if you are out of the office, or the office has closed, with a Hosted Voice system the voicemail message will be emailed to you as a .wav file. You can pick up this email remotely on your smartphone for example, and listen to the recorded message.

The Voicemail 2 Email function, such as the one offered free on Horizon Hosted Voice, is a simple to use messaging system that ensures you respond fast and extends your effective office hours, ensuring you continue to provide a great service to your customers.

So how does it work?

  1. Log in to your Horizon User portal.
  2. The Horizon “Voicemail 2 Email” function is on the Call Set Up toolbar of the ‘Horizon’ user portal.
    Horizon voicemail settings
  3. Enter the email address to send the voicemail file to, and select “notify me at this address”. The email address can be a personal or group email address.
  4. When a message is left, the .wav file will be emailed to the recipients.
  5. If you have a single company voicemail box, then your Horizon Administrator will set it up through the portal.

This is a great feature that truly improves the service level a business provides to its customers. IF you feel your business, and your customers, could benefit from this feature, contact us today and see how Trio Telecom can help improve your customer service!