As we enter a New Year a key part of our business plans is to improve our business performance. Horizon Hosted Voice call recording can be a valuable resource for business owners. Here are just three benefits.

  1. Customer Satisfaction
    One of the most beneficial reasons to utilize call recording is to improve customer satisfaction. By monitoring interactions between your employees and customers, not only can you highlight quality service performed by your staff, but you can also resolve customer complaints before they become larger issues. With continual observations, your employees will be led by example and customer satisfaction will increase.
  2. Staff Training
    Monitoring phone calls can improve customer satisfaction and the same information gathered during the process can be utilized for effective staff training. Gather samples and schedule staff meetings on a quarterly basis, so you can demonstrate to your employees what is expected and what needs to be improved. Use examples of quality service during company training sessions for new team member.
  3. Corporate Liability
    Small or large, many businesses have regulatory requirements. Professional call recording is a proactive way to meet your responsibilities and prevent liability.

Horizon Hosted Voice call recording, cloud based phone system can play a key role by recording your calls and offers business the option to record all calls, an agreed page, or record on demand. It is easy to set up and provides a simple schedule to view calls for review. You can set up call recording for both individual users , or at a hunt group level to monitor all calls into the team.

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