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Horizon Collaborate is a new Bolt on feature for your Horizon Hosted Voice phone system, designed to improve collaborative team working, increase productivity, and improve business cooperation, especially when teams are working remotely.

Bring the power of your Horizon Hosted Voice Phone system to your Windows desktop, laptop, Android or iOS device and access a range of features to ensure your colleagues and customers are always in contact.

The Horizon Desktop Client connects your office phone to your preferred business device, such as a laptop or PC. The desk top soft phone works seamlessly with the Horizon service and mobile app to ensure that you can control your user account and handle calls efficiently, wherever you are. The Horizon Desktop Client minimises telephony costs incurred whilst working remotely.

Features such as Presence and Instant Messaging add to the core Horizon services and provide an informed way of communicating with your colleagues, as well as giving you a new route to gain immediate responses when it might not be convenient to speak on the telephone.

The Android and iOS Apps enable users to make and receive calls on a mobile device, as well as providing access to key settings for their service. It provides all the same functionality as the desktop client above, with the exception of Click to Dial and Group Chat.

Horizon Collaborate is an ideal bolt-on for users who work remotely or who are regularly on the move with access to Wi-Fi (e.g. in hotels).

  • VOIP hosted service by using the desktop client as a softphone and simply adding a headset.
  • Mobile App for Android and IOS
  • Monitor your favourite contacts’ Presence status to check their availability to take calls or to communicate with you.
  • Send an Instant Message to get an immediate response from a colleague when their Presence status tells you it might not be convenient for them to take a voice call.
  • Video Conferencing feature including screen sharing
  • Directly control your phone service to implement Call Forwarding, Do Not Disturb or other call features.

For more information about how to add Horizon Collaborate to your service, call Trio Telecom today on 01727 221303.

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