Whatever the size of your business, there are a number of benefits to call recording, but there are also some regulations you need to comply with, especially if you are taking credit card payments over the phone. A cloud based VoIP phone system such as Horizon Hosted Voice includes the option for call recording.

5 Benefits of call recording:

  1. Better customer service
    One of the biggest benefits of call recording? Better customer service! By monitoring phone calls between your employees and customers, you’ll be able to both highlight exemplary customer service and work with employees who are struggling. Whether you’re working out of the same office as your employees or not, you’ll be able to keep your finger on the pulse of your team’s phone salesmanship and customer service skills.
  2. Improved quality control, reduce errors and call backs
    Ever tried to gather information from someone over the phone, only to mishear something and have to call them back to ask for the same information again? Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s frustrating for both employees and customers. Call recording can help reduce entry errors during phone calls.
  3. Simpler sales training
    Training new staff how to handle phone calls with past examples of excellent and not so excellent calls. By showing your new team members examples of genuine sales calls during their training, they’ll be able to jump right in and maintain consistent standards on the phones.
  4. Instant team feedback
    If you have a large team, you know how difficult it is to gather employee histories for performance reviews. As a manager of your team, you can use call records as a tool for your team’s performance reviews. By reviewing daily calls and opening up your team’s communication across facilities, your employees can receive instant recognition for handling a difficult call with ease and learn how they can better handle a tricky scenario next time.
  5. Protection
    With calls recorded you will be protected in the event that a client takes issue against you. Professional call recording is a proactive way to protect your business from liability, you’ll be able to show a full history of communication records to defuse a situation and resolve any client disputes.

With Horizon Hosted Voice system you can chose to record all calls, a set percentage, or record on demand. However you need to be aware of the regulations around call recording.

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