Until now, the traditional public switch telephony network was the go-to communication strategy for businesses, however with the planned demise of ISDN and the improvements of the broadband network , VoIP is now the system that has become heavily invested in worldwide.

VoIP (Voice over IP ) refers to any telephony that goes over the internet, whether via SIP trunks or Hosted Voice. Confused by the difference ……


  • SIP trunks replace traditional analogue or ISDN telephone lines connecting to your phone system, and work over a broadband connection via the internet.
  • SIP trunks typically cost half the price of traditional ISDN , and significantly reduce both service fees and call charges.


  • Hosted Voice means telephones connected directly to the internet
  • No on site PBX is required , the phone system is hosted in the cloud, so no costly engineer  visits.
  • Can connect multiple sites onto one phone system
  • Hosted services are highly resilient, flexible and offer built in disaster recovery.

Why is VoIP better than a traditional landline telephony platform?

Communication over IP network can be performed at significantly lower rates and is much cheaper compared to landline calls. It is a cost-effective alternative to the former traditional telephony platform and is much more economical when it comes to international calling and long-distance calling.

When it comes to technological capabilities, VoIP undoubtedly prevails over traditional landlines. VoIP for business solutions are full of cutting-edge technology that can support a wide variation of advanced features to optimise the convenience and organisation for your business when it comes to networking.


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