The lifespan of ISDN is coming to an end. There has been much speculation in the industry as to when BT might switch off the PSTN and ISDN networks but now BT  has announced it’ll be switching ISDN off in 2025.

Whilst there is not urgency to change, it is likely that BT will push up the pricing of ISDN over the next five years to drive the switch over. The challenge is knowing what that to move to next. SIP trunking services are already more commercially attractive than ISDN, so if your phone system (PBX) is enabled for IP connectivity, the move to SIP is a no-brainer and the viability of keeping ISDN just doesn’t make sense.

The value of ISDN is being challenged by newer, flexible and more reliable technologies such as Hosted Voice. Cloud-based telephony offers companies the ability to scale quickly and cut back if they need to, and means that businesses are not hampered by cumbersome on-site infrastructure. It also provides far more flexibility and business continuity, not to mention a robust disaster recovery solution.

What does that mean for you?

Because cloud also encompasses data, IT and mobile services, more companies than ever before will be offering telecom services. Everyone will be offering a different package and there will be an inevitable challenge in ensuring you select what is best for your business.

So select a specialist who has experience and expertise in telecoms.