Good news on your roaming charges, from 30th April 2016 roaming charges in the EU have been amended. This is step one, ahead of roaming charges being removed in June 2017.

When your phone is detected on an overseas network, roaming rates start kicking in, and you can be charged simply to receive a call or pick up a voicemail message.

From April 30th 2016, roaming charges within the EU will be capped at €0.05 per minute for outgoing calls (about 3p) and €0.014 per minute (less than a penny) for incoming calls. Texts will be capped at €0.02 per message (about a penny) and data at €0.05 per megabyte (once again, about 3p).

In addition networks are likely to be asked to provide customers with a limited allowance to use abroad free of charge. After travelers exceed that allowance, charges will apply.

Remember, check which countries are bound by the new EU agreement. Outside the EU,  the standard roaming charges still apply.

A few tips for avoiding roaming charges:-

1) Use free Wi-Fi whenever you can

Be aware that if you move out of the wifi covered area, you could automatically be transferred to a carrier service without warning.

2) Check if your network offers a roaming add-on

Most carriers now offer an add-on that will provide you an allowance of data, texts and minutes to use abroad. If you pay for these, you’ll only pay the price of the add-on and won’t be liable for charges outside that.

If you’re not sure what your network offers for roaming add-ons, ring us and we will be able to advise you.

3) Don’t opt out of your networks’ usage caps

It’s easy to opt out. You just have to make a phone call. But we recommend you don’t, or risk losing track of your spending and usage.