Phone service is a basic utility that many of us, especially business owners, cannot do without. Traditional phone services offer… traditional phone services, usually without any bells or whistles.

Many businesses seeking additional features, but don’t want to pay for expensive phone systems are moving to Business VoIP . VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is an innovative technology for transmitting voice data over the Internet instead of through the traditional phone lines Business VoIP solutions, such as Horizon Hosted Voice include the benefits of a traditional phone system such as desk to desk calling and auto attendants (IVR’s) , and advanced features that improve business’s efficiency.

Here are five benefits of a Business VoIP service.

  1. Chat for Free on VoIP to VoIP Calls

Any calls made between two callers with the same VoIP providers are free of charge. So if your business deploys a Horizon Hosted Voice system, as well as your customer, the call is complementary no matter how long you spend on the phone. Callers no longer have to set a timer or calculate per minute charges thanks to this cost-free feature.

  1. Make Calls From Your Laptop

As long as you have Internet connection and a hosted VoIP system, you can use a softphone application downloaded to you desktop to allow you to make your VoIP calls. With the softphone application, when you make calls your phone number is presented to the receiver from anywhere in the world. You can connect to anywhere and anytime you have Internet access.

  1. Use VoIP on Your Mobile Phone

VoIP providers now feature a mobile VoIP app for smartphones. To access these applications, you simply download the app and sign into your account with that VoIP provider.

Much like with the previously mentioned softphone application for computers, your mobile device can now accept inbound and outbound VoIP calls using your VoIP telephone number. When you use this mobile app to make a call, your VoIP number, instead of your mobile number, will appear on your receiver’s caller ID.

You are using your VoIP minutes rather than your mobile bundle, and you benefit from the free VoIP to VoIP calls as well.

  1. Never Miss a Call

VoIP serivces offer an extremely useful call forwarding option, such a Mobile Twinning, which eliminates the chance of ever missing a phone call again. With Twinning, you can set up other phones, like your mobile or home landline, to receive your incoming calls from your office phone, so you can take calls regardless of your location.This feature is especially convenient for when you want to continue to work or conduct business while out of the office, out to lunch, or at home for the evening.

  1. Voicemail to Email

Regardless of whether you’re sick in bed, on holiday, or at a dentist appointment, you can’t afford to miss urgent voicemail messages at the office. Thanks to the Voicemail to Email, Horizon Hosted Voice system sends you the voicemail message straight to your email address. This option changes your voicemails into mp3 files and then delivers them directly to your email inbox. This means you can listen to voicemails from your smartphone, tablet, or any Internet-enabled device.

Switching from your overpriced PSTN phone lines to a virtual phone system might seem intimating at first, but it’s an efficient business decision you can take in just a matter of hours.