Ofcom’s Connected Nations report reveals that nearly 1 million people in Britain’s rural and hard to reach communities still can not access adequate UK broadband speed.

Almost a million people across the United Kingdom are still unable to access broadband speeds of at least 10Mbps, according to an industry report. In its Connected Nations report, UK telecoms regulator Ofcom revealed that 925,000 people in the UK have to make do with sub 10Mbps broadband speed.

“There have been further improvements in the availability of broadband services across the UK. However, more needs to be done to provide all consumers with access to decent UK broadband speed and to encourage further investment in more reliable, faster full-fibre broadband services,” Ofcom said in its report.

The UK government has placed a number of targets around the accessibility of superfast broadband services, which it interprets to mean anything over 24Mbps (but which Ofcom defines as anything over 30Mbps). It has enjoyed some success in this regard and recently announced that it had achieved its target of making superfast broadband services available to 95 per cent of the country.

Despite the completion of this milestone, there is concern over the standard of services being offered to the UK’s hard to reach communities.

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Note: This article first appeared on TotalTelecom.com on Wednesday 02 May 18