One of the advantages for a business of using a Hosted Voice phone system is the flexibility it provides for the user. One particularly popular feature is “twinning” which allows the user to twin their desk-phone with their mobile. When a call is received, both the desk-phone and the mobile phone ring at the same time, so if the user is away from their desk, or out of the office, they wont miss a potentially important customer call. The added benefit is that the user doesn’t have to give out a personal mobile number, and the customer only requires their business phone number.

The mobile twinning service is particularly popular with professions such as estate agents – who are often in and out of the office on viewings with clients trying to contact them.

Hosted Voice systems such as Horizon Hosted Voice, a cloud based Voice over IP phone system, provides multiple features for remote working including twinning.

So how does it work. The Horizon “Mobile Twinning” function is on the toolbar of the ‘Horizon’ User portal

  1. Log into the Horizon User Portal
  2. Go to the Call Set Up section, and on the left hand side select Twinning.                                                                                                                                                                                                             twinning
  3. Type in you name, the mobile number and select ADD.
  4. Enable twinning by selecting ON.

A great feature that ensure you never miss a customer call.