How has remote working been for you? Has your business operated smoothly in lockdown, and made you think about how to work in the future? Will the temporary solutions for staff working from home become the norm? A recent study by Ezra found that 22% of remote workers will remain working from home full-time, with just over half of office workers planning to split their time and work part-time from the office!


Do you plan to return to the office when able to?
Answer Respondents
Yes, but only part time 53%
Yes, full time 25%
No, I will stay working from home 22%
How has working from home impacted your productivity?
Answer Respondents
Equally as productive 46%
More productive 35%
Less productive 19%
How has working from home impacted your opportunity to progress your career?
Answer Respondents
No difference 77%
Decrease opportunity to progress 15%
Increased opportunity to progress 8%

Source: Ezra ,  2021,  2,175 UK office workers

This is backed up by the National Office of Statistics that state “more than half of Britons would like to work from home after the Covid-19 crisis”. It’s for these reasons that it’s important for businesses to future-proof their business phone systems, enabling employees to communicate professionally and efficiently whether at the office, or at home.

How does a business VoIP phone system help flexible working?

Telecoms is an art, constantly evolving. Unlike a traditional fixed phone lines, todays VoIP (Voice over IP) phone systems allow you to make and receive calls “from the office” whenever you have an internet connection. VoIP gives you flexibility, it can be used in and out of the office versus your traditional phone line that is fixed to one location meaning it can’t be used outside of the office.


What other business benefits does our VoIP for business phone system provide?

Our VoIP business phone systems move with you so your employees can work professionally from the office, at home or on the go using the mobile app, or laptop desktop tool. It also provides many business benefits, let’s take a look at a few of them below.

Easy Management and Monitoring – Our VoIP for business phone system is set up so you can have a centralised tool that allows you to monitor users on the VoIP phone platform. The tool allows you to view users’ active calls, view past calls, silent listen into active calls, record calls and more. The tool also allows you to make simple changes too.

Remote Working Features – Our business VoIP phone system comes packed full of features that allow your employees to work in the office and at home. Features include, Extension twinning that allows employees to add their business VoIP phone extension as an app on their mobile phone for increased mobility, virtual conference rooms, hotdesking phones and more.

Flexibility – Our VoIP for business phone system allows for increased flexibility. In a smaller business the role of a staff member may vary daily, this may mean that their working location changes too. Some days they may need to be office based and the next day they may need to travel or work remotely. A business VoIP system allows you to work professionally wherever you may be. VoIP allows you to link employee home numbers with office numbers and even mobile phones without compromising on features.

Quick Installation time and maintenance – Setting up traditional fixed lines demands a lot of time and often comes with high installation costs. They can also come with pricey adjustments and maintenance costs. Our business VoIP system has much lower maintenance costs and installation time. Adding users or adding features can be as simple as pressing a few buttons. Installing this technology couldn’t be simpler or faster.

For more information on our VoIP phone systems get in touch with the Trio Telecom team today. We have been practising the art of telecoms for over 20 years, and would love to support your business so that staff are able to work flexibly from remote locations if necessary.