Another New Year, and BT announce another price rise. From April ADSL broadband will go up by £2.00 and Fibre broadband by £3.50 per month. That’s over 5% increase when broadband prices are generally on the way down.

What is really amazing is the cost of a call is increasing by £0.01 per minute . Did anyone realise that the current charge from BT for a UK call to a landline is £0.12 and to a mobile its £0.16 ? And now its going up even more.

Just to re-assure you, calls with Trio Telecom are billed by the second, not the minute as with BT, and the cost of a call to a UK landline is only £0.01, to a UK mobile £0.06. Thats a saving of over 60%!

Remember, under Ofcom rules, any customer who is unhappy with the price changes on their contract has 30 days to opt out, once they have been informed of the changes by BT.