More and more businesses are moving across to Hosted – cloud based telephony – but not getting the most from their VoIP phone system investment.

Business VoIP systems, such as Horizon Hosted Voice, could be the ideal telecoms system for your company if you’re looking for additional features, flexibility for the future, and affordable prices.

It will benefit your business productivity, improve your professionalism and increase your competitiveness. Here are three suggested functions to set up on your VoIP phone system which will help you be more efficient:-

  1. Voicemail 2 email – don’t wait until you are back in the office to pick up your voice-mails. Set up the voicemail to email function on the VoIP phone system to improve the response time to your customer messages.
  2. Remote Office – you don’t have to be in the office to make a call using your office number. Hosted voice systems include remote office capability, so you can use your office phone from home and mobile apps so all calls to customer come from your office number. There are also Mobile Apps for IOS and Android which turn your mobile into an extension of your desk phone.
  3. Set up Busy Lamps – these allow you to see if a colleague is busy on another call, whether to put a caller on hold or to transfer the call, or enable a “Do Not Disturb”.

Trio Telecom offer the Horizon Hosted Voice phone system helping make businesses more efficient everyday. You can learn more about Horizon and its capabilities.

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