We get lot of questions regarding the 03 number range as many are popping up on major brands’ websites. 03 numbers are the same cost as calling an 01/02 number from a UK landline and mobile.

93% of the UK owns or uses a mobile phone. We all know what it feels like to have to call an 08 number from a mobile. It stings. Will it be 5ppm, 20ppm, 30ppm or even 40ppm? We don’t often know, but when know it won’t be cheap !

So isn’t it time to say goodbye to your 08 number for your business be and move to an 03 number in today’s huge mobile market.

In addition, OFCOM are set to demand parity between costs from mobile and fixed line to call 0800 numbers. Where you were paying a few pennies to receive a call from a land line onto an 0800, because a call from a mobile needs to go over the mobile network the costs for this leg of the call need to be covered also at zero cost to the end user. This cost is going to end up with the owner of the 0800, so watch up, your 0800 bills are liable to increase dramatically !