Some interesting new research about business broadband highlights the importance of selecting a telecoms partner who offers fast and responsive technical support.
The research found up to one third of businesses in the UK experience broadband issues once a week or more, and that for a typical small business with 10 +employees and £1m. + turnover, it costs an average of £381 for each hour the broadband is down.
UK Businesses spend on average less than £140 per month on their broadband service. Despite the importance, 33% of firms leave the responsibility of resolving problems to non-specialised staff; while a further 11% have no person in place to deal with broadband issues.
Government announcements are all about speed, but reliability is as important for business. Having broadband that is both fast and reliable is key to securing future success, the requirement must be for connectivity to be of high quality, for business to have resilience – such as a back up secondary broadband circuit – and for your provider to offer technical support 24/7, 365 days a year.