News today that one million BT customers will see their monthly bills cut by £7 after Ofcom pressured the telecoms firm to cut the price of its landline-only package.

The regulator said it was concerned about a lack of competition in the market as two thirds of all landline-only customers are with BT.

BT’s 800,000 landline-only customers will have their monthly line rental bills cut by £7 to £11.99, with a further 200,000 on its ‘Home Phone Saver’ package also potentially eligible. Future increases will be capped at the rate of inflation.

(Note: Trio Telecom residential price has been £11.50 with no price increase for the past 3 years) 

“Households who only have a landline – and no broadband – have seen their phone bills soar,” said Ofcom’s competition group director Jonathan Oxley. “Many are elderly, and have been with BT for decades. We’ve been clear that they must get a better deal.”


(Note : Trio Telecom call charges are £0.01 ppm to local and national numbers and only charge by the second, not the minute, with no call set up charge)