AVOID BROADBAND OUTAGES – 4G BACK UP SOLUTIONS provide perfect insurance solution for all businesses…[separator]

Our businesses are totally dependant upon broadband, for our computers, our email, and even our phones. A day without broadband can cost a business dearly, but outages do happen.

So it makes sense to have a backup, an insurance policy in case your broadband fails. Like all insurance you hope to never call upon it, but its a relief when you need it.

Trio Telecom can now offer two “4g broadband back up” solutions.

[separator]The first is the Huawei E3372  4G dongle – it simply plugs into a USB port on your router , and th erouter will failover to the 4g data service. Once the broadband has been restored, you remove the dongle. All you require is a 4g data SIM card.[separator]

  • Cost effective solution to ensure business continuity
  • Easy to install
  • Dongle £69.99+vat
  • 4G data card from just £11.25+vat per month

[separator]The second option is the TP-Link Archer MR200 4G wireless router – an integrated 4G LTE modem with built in SIM card slot, 4 ethernet ports and wifi for up to 64 devices – tablests, phones, laptops – to connect at the same time. [separator]

  • Easy to install
  • 4G router £109.99+vat
  • 4G data card from just £11.25+vat per month

[separator]Contact Trio Telecom on 01727 221303 to discuss how we can help ensure you never go offline.