The time that your callers spend on hold is time when they are a captive audience. Providing messaging when callers are on hold helps occupy and entertain them to some degree; and most importantly, your business can make the most of that captive customer time.[separator]

The average caller is made to wait 55 seconds – that really doesn’t seem all that long. The trouble is that of those same average callers, over half will give up after 45 seconds and around 30% of them will never all back.

That’s a lot of numbers, but in simpler terms, making people wait on hold is costing you money, but with a few simple tweaks, it could actually be making you money instead.[separator]

The psychology of sound is fascinating – people listening to music and messages will not feel that they have been on hold for as long as those listening to just music, and for a lot less than those plunged into silence or beeps.

But remember, this is not simply about avoiding your losing money, it’s about helping you to make more. Companies playing music and messages see an average 40% of caller retention and what’s more, a quarter of all those people surveyed said that they had made a purchase decision based on something they heard about whilst waiting on hold.[separator]

Imagine that! An on hold message resulting in more revenue from 25% of callers !

The good news is that you already have the customer’s attention – they’ve called you, so in the few spare moments that they’re waiting to talk to you, tell them something they don’t know. You’ll open up a whole new conversation and could truly enhance your relationships with your customers.


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