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A quick reminder how to access your Horizon Hosted Voice phone system voicemail.

  • Step 1. Press the voicemail  button on the Horizon phone
  • Step 2. Press * (star) to access the mailbox
  • Step 3. Dial the voicemail box number e.g. extension 101 and press # (hash)
  • Step 4. Enter your six digit passcode and press # (hash)
  • Step 5. Select from the menu to listen to your messages, or record a new greeting.

If you need the passcode established or reset please contact your administrator.

From outside the office to access the voicemail box dial  the voicemail DDI, press * (star) to access the  mailbox, enter  the six digit passcode  and follow the prompts.

When a voicemail is received an email will be sent to your selected email address.

Click for more information about HHV phone system


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